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Arts For All is a nonprofit arts education organization dedicated to making the arts available and affordable for all ages throughout Metro Omaha. In 2013, over 1,500 students participated in Arts For All's quality culturally-enriched programming.

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OmahaGives! Update


Omaha Gives! was tremendously successful for Arts For All, thanks to the generosity of donors and supporters who believe in the Arts. We raised over $2,700 to help provide quality arts education opportunities for everyone in the Omaha Metro Area!

Below is a list of the amazing donors who contributed to Arts For All on May 20th.

  • Benjamin Rasmussen
  • Jane Campbell
  • Claudia Martin
  • Denise Houtkooper
  • Erin Oberhauser
  • Paula Glissman
  • Donna Reinig
  • Melanie Boudreault
  • Mark Griffis
  • Robyn Caverzagie
  • Jennifer Gilg
  • Rana Scarlett-Johnson
  • Jennifer Doyle
  • Marge Harman
  • Crystal Larson
  • Joseph Vavak
  • Lori Elliott-Bartle
  • Laura Brewer
  • Jennifer Wallace
  • Ruth Farrington
  • Daniel Thiele
  • Angie Miller
  • Diane Mkrtchyan
  • Damon Laaker
  • Amanda Stevenson
  • Ellie Batt
  • Cheryl Martinez
  • Camille Metoyer Moten
  • Michael Zehnder
  • Kim Roberts
  • Teresa Kay
  • Jaclyn Anderson
  • Hillary Fletcher
  • Beth Gard
  • Robin Walker
  • Patrick Pfister
  • Kathy Dewell
  • Alatenser Latenser
  • Thomas D Davies
  • Catherine Eberle
  • Sara Pirtle
  • Chris & Celeste Feuerbach
  • Brian Smith
  • Michael Pongruber
  • Beth Mincer
  • Cynthia Griess-Johnston
  • Caroline Rice
  • Roxanne Williams Draper
  • Denise Rogondino
  • Michael Taylor-Steward
  • Gordon Viner
  • Catherine Placzek

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